Well, hello there. I'm Raisie.


UX Designer

Currently growing farm management and profitability solutions for farmers at Syngenta

Thanks for your patience while I update my portfolio with my most recent work. To learn more about me, read on!

My Story

I attended Northwestern University, where I majored in Theatre and Psychology

Combining these two areas of study helped me adopt a human-centered approach to my work.

I spent the beginning of my professional career pursuing acting. I performed at theaters in the Chicago area, Milwaukee, and New York City.

My time spent performing helped me grow as a storyteller and public speaker.

When not performing, I worked in a variety of roles: sales, customer support, catalogue management, and digital marketplace logistics.

Being a critical thinker and fast learner helped me to excel in a variety of work environments.

When the pandemic hit, I decided to pursue a career that married all of my skills and interests – UX Design.

Most recently, I've been designing agtech solutions and developing design systems with Syngenta.

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