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Plumnetic Insurance

The Problem: Plumnetic Insurance does not have a digital footprint, and wants to create an approachable experience for potential buyers.

The Solution: Creating a responsive web design that is inviting and intuitive for both first-time buyers and experienced shoppers.

RoleUX/UI Designer

ToolsFigma, Whimsical, Optimal Workshop

plumnetic final.png

Creating a Digital Footprint

User Interviews

The Brief

Plumnetic Insurance is a large insurance company that offers a variety of policy types. Until this point, they have been selling their policies through regionally-based agencies. They do not have a digital footprint, and want to modernize their approach. 

Plumnetic wants to create an approachable website for prospective insurance buyers, without feeling tied to industry standards.

I began by interviewing five people who had previously bought insurance. I asked about their prior experiences and their goals for future purchases.


Group 16.png

Age 27

Group 16.png

Age 30

Group 16.png

Age 65






Customer Service


Group 16.png

Age 26

Group 16.png

Age 60


Getting the best deal

Having all insurance needs met in one place

Guaranteed coverage for specific needs

Commitment to taking care of the user


Customizability with building a policy

Upfront honesty about filing claims

A third-party tool that compares different companies & plans


To gather more information, I asked eight participants to answer questions regarding their past experiences shopping for insurance. Questions were asked on a Likert scale. Participants were also invited to share additional thoughts related to their prior experiences. 

"I needed guidance when shopping for a policy"

12.5% Disagree


12.5% Strongly Agree

50% Agree

25% Strongly Disagree

“Agent/broker was a necessity and I’ve worked with him (or at least conferred) all 3 years I’ve purchased health insurance so far.”

"I needed to speak with someone directly in order to feel comfortable making the purchase."

12.5% Strongly Disagree

25% Agree

chart (1).png

25% Strongly Agree

37.5% Disagree

“I wish there was an easy space to compare insurance options that also breaks down what they mean. Maybe there is but I am not aware of it!"

"I would LOVE a better way to figure out my options and what makes the most sense.”

I also performed a competitive analysis to see the services provided by other businesses, and the layouts of their website. 

Frame 7.png

Research Takeaways

1. Some customers feel strongly about having access to help (with an agent or customer service), while others want to work independently.

2. Key concerns: Pricing, Reputation, and Coverage

3. Users who have not shopped for insurance before feel intimidated by the prospect

Ensuring a Better Experience

After compiling all of my data, I created a persona for a potential Plumnetic customer.

DesignLab - Persona Development_edited.j

Armed with my persona and my research, I felt it was important to name the goals of my user, the business, and consider potential technical challenges, before jumping into planning.

project goals plumnetic.png

With the project goals defined, I was ready to create a site map for the website. My research showed that my users frequently felt overwhelmed by the amount of information on insurance websites, so I wanted the website organization to be intuitive and categorized. 

Site Map.png

I decided to focus on the quote process as my user's main task. I created a user flow for some potential ways the user could obtain an auto insurance quote.

Kaus Insurance Task Flow_2x (4).png

Building a Better Experience 

Kaus Insurance Home page sketches.png
Homepage-Nothing selected.png

I chose to use an interactive element for my hero section to make the website feel immediately inviting and modern. I also felt that having the user create their own bundle made the process feel more personalized. My hope is that this could help some of the uncertainty that users expressed in my research.

For the logo design, my goals were to make something sleek and modern, but a little playful. For some of the designs, I tried to think of images that captured "loyalty", which is how I landed on the dolphin. 

plumnetic logos.png

Once the logo was decided, I moved on to the UI Design. I created a UI Tool Kit to maintain consistency throughout the next steps. 

Group 106.png
Group 105.png
Group 13.png
Group 24.png

Usability Testing

Users were asked to complete the task of obtaining an auto insurance quote. They were also asked how they might navigate the website, and for their general impressions of the design.


Group 16.png

Age 60

Group 16.png

Age 30

Group 16.png

Age 65

Group 16.png

Age 23


1. Explore the home page
2. Browse all available policies and select auto
3. From the home page, obtain a quote for an auto policy.

The results were then organized using an affinity map.

Frame 1.png

Implementing Changes

Overall, the testing was a success. All participants were able to complete the quote flow with few to no errors. Almost all ratings for ease of use were the best possible. Testing did reveal some areas of improvement for the website, which were prioritized & implemented.

Notable Modifications

Added second CTA or connect with agent at bottom of homepage

Simplified task flow to reduce number of clicks

Built new Login screen after Quote, before Checkout

Moved customer contact info fields
until after quote

Added repetition for progress indicator in quote flow

Clarified confusing icons and phrasing

Group 90.png
Group 103.png
Screen Shot 2021-11-04 at 6.58.04 PM.png
Screen Shot 2021-11-04 at 6.57.49 PM.png

Next Steps for Plumnetic

This project clearly outlined the importance of usability testing to identify ways to make the design more intuitive. While aspects of the first prototype made perfect sense to me, the feedback from my usability testing was invaluable.

If I was to continue working with this product, my next steps would be the following:

Usability Testing

Conducting additional usability testing to verify design changes have resolved previous user issues

Create a Comparison Tool

Develop a tool to compare plans across different companies. This was mentioned in my research by multiple users, and, with additional resources, would be prioritized.

Developer Handoff

Preparing assets for developer work.

Interested in learning more?

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