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My Story

I’m an actor who’s spent the last five years working at theaters around Chicago, as well as in support roles at companies like ShopRunner and Warby Parker.

At the beginning of the pandemic, my performance life came to a screeching halt, so I began looking into other creative outlets. I stumbled on the world of UX Design and was floored that one career could combine so many of my skills and interests.

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My Background

I attended Northwestern University, where I received degrees in Psychology and Theatre.

My previous professional work includes:

  • sales

  • customer service

  • marketplace operations

  • catalogue management

I’m a critical thinker and a fast learner, and love embracing new challenges in my work.


As an actor, I’ve spent plenty of time in front of an audience. I'm accustomed to working with a team and receiving criticism. I am outgoing and curious, and I find my theatrical background fits right in with my design work.

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My Design Mentality

My unique background lends itself to a people-first approach in my design work. I aim to use psychology, empathy, and an understanding of the human condition to create enjoyable online experiences for users. 

I get super hyped whenever I talk about user-centered design. If you have any questions, from my qualifications & work, to my opinions on the best musicals of the last ten years, hit me up.

Interested in connecting?

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